How to Buy Actigraphy Devices for Sleep Research

Actigraphy Devices for Sleep Research

Introduction to Actigraphy in Sleep Research

Actigraphy provides an indispensable tool for researchers studying sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. By using sensors typically worn on the wrist, actigraphy tracks physical motion and rest, furnishing detailed insights into sleep quality, duration, and disruptions. This method is highly regarded for its non-intrusive nature, allowing continuous monitoring over extended periods without impacting normal daily routines.

“Having conducted numerous sleep studies, I’ve found that the ease of use and non-intrusiveness of actigraphy devices greatly affect participant compliance. It’s essential to choose devices that participants can wear comfortably throughout the night.” – Dr. Olli Tikkanen

Selecting the right actigraphy device is vital as the data’s accuracy directly influences the research outcomes. With numerous devices available on the market, offering different features and specifications, researchers must know what to look for in an actigraphy sensor to ensure it aligns with their study’s needs.

Essential Features of Actigraphy Devices for Sleep Research

When buying actigraphy sensors for sleep research, consider these essential features:

  • Sensor Accuracy: Precision is paramount in sleep research as it impacts data reliability. Choose sensors known for high accuracy in detecting motion and rest.
  • Data Storage Capabilities: Ensure the device can store sufficient data for the duration of your study without frequent downloads.
  • Battery Life: Long battery life is crucial for studies that require continuous monitoring over several days or weeks.
  • Comfort and Wearability: The device should be comfortable for participants to wear through the night, as discomfort can interfere with sleep patterns and skew results.
Why Compare Before Buying?

Before making a purchase, comparing different actigraphy devices is essential. Each model may offer unique features that could be more or less suitable for your specific research needs. To find the most suitable device for your study, consider factors such as pricing, additional functionalities like light exposure measurement, and software compatibility.

Download Our Actigraphy Sleep Research Comparison Sheet

To aid in your decision-making, we offer a comprehensive comparison sheet that details the specifications, features, and pricing of top actigraphy devices tailored for sleep research. This resource is designed to streamline the selection process, enabling you to compare multiple models side-by-side quickly.

  • Download the Comparison Sheet: Click here to provide your email address and receive an immediate download link to our detailed comparison sheet. This tool will help you assess which actigraphy sensor best meets the needs of your sleep research, ensuring you make an informed purchase.
Spreadsheet comparing specifications and features of various camera models, highlighted and annotated for clarity in sleep comparison.


Investing in the right actigraphy device is crucial for the success of your sleep research. By using our comparison sheet to evaluate various models, you can ensure that the device you select not only fits your budget but also provides the accurate and reliable data needed for insightful research findings.

Further Reading

For those looking to expand their knowledge on actigraphy and related technologies in sleep research, the following articles from our website provide valuable insights and further information:

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  • Measuring Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior with Accelerometers: Understand how accelerometers, integral to actigraphy devices, are utilized to monitor physical activity and sedentary behavior, crucial for comprehensive sleep studies. Explore accelerometer use in health research.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Actigraphy Devices for Sleep Research:

What is actigraphy and how is it used in sleep research? +

Actigraphy involves using wearable sensors to track physical motion and rest, providing insights into sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. It is utilized in sleep research to monitor sleep quality, duration, and disruptions non-intrusively over extended periods.

What are the key features to look for in an actigraphy devices for sleep research? +

Important features include high sensor accuracy for reliable data, ample data storage capabilities, long battery life to accommodate extended studies, and comfort and wearability for minimal disruption to normal sleep.

Why is it important to compare actigraphy devices before purchasing? +

Comparing actigraphy devices helps identify the model that best suits your specific research needs, considering factors like feature set, pricing, and additional functionalities such as light exposure measurement, which can vary significantly between models.

How can the Actigraphy Sleep Research Comparison Sheet help in selecting a sensor? +

The comparison sheet provides detailed specifications, features, and pricing of various actigraphy devices, allowing researchers to easily compare different models side-by-side to determine which best meets the needs of their sleep studies.

What should be considered when choosing an actigraphy device regarding participant comfort? +

Choose devices that are lightweight, non-intrusive, and designed to be worn comfortably throughout the night without affecting sleep patterns, as participant comfort is crucial for obtaining accurate and reliable data in sleep studies.

Where can I download the Actigraphy Sleep Research Comparison Sheet? +

You can download the Actigraphy Sleep Research Comparison Sheet by providing your email address through the link provided in the article. This will give you immediate access to a resource that helps you assess and compare various actigraphy sensors.

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