The Comprehensive Fibion SENS Motion Test Package

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Introduction to the Fibion SENS Motion Test Package

In accelerometer research right tools play a crucial role in acquiring accurate and complete data set. The Fibion SENS Motion Test Package is designed for researchers who prioritize precision, reliability and high adherence in their studies. This package serves as an invaluable opportunity to evaluate the Fibion SENS technology firsthand, ensuring it aligns perfectly with specific project requirements before committing to a larger investment.

What’s Included in the Starter Package?

1. Advanced SENS Motion Devices
  • 3 x SENS Motion Devices (12.5 Hz version): Each device is engineered for precise data collection on sedentary behavior and various physical activities, including steps, intensity, and activity type. With 22 weeks of measurement time and up to 2 years of standby time, these devices are built for extensive research periods without frequent recharging.
2. Medically Approved SENS Motion Patches
  • 15 x SENS Motion Patches: These individually packaged, medically approved patches ensure secure and accurate device placement for optimal data collection. They are designed for comfort and reliability during long-term wear in real-world settings.
3. Comprehensive Software Suite
  • Software, Apps, and Licenses: The package includes everything needed to start: initialization of a cloud account, licenses for cloud software and smartphone apps for data upload, and access to both interactive online and comprehensive PDF participant reports with milestones and suggestions. This suite provides a seamless experience from data collection to analysis.

Special Introductory Pricing

The Fibion SENS Motion Test Package is available for a total of 590 € (VAT 0%). This pricing is designed to make advanced research tools accessible without a significant upfront investment.

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The Value of Firsthand Experience

Choosing the right tools for accelerometer research shouldn’t be a leap of faith. With the Fibion SENS Motion Test Package, researchers gain direct access to cutting-edge technology, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of its capabilities. This test package is an essential step for any research team considering Fibion SENS for their projects, offering a hands-on way to understand how it can enhance data collection and analysis processes.

Seamless Integration into Research Workflows

The inclusion of devices, patches, and a full software suite ensures that integrating the Fibion SENS into existing research frameworks is straightforward. Researchers can expect an efficient workflow with less hassle, from initializing the cloud account to exporting data for analysis. This package is not just about testing a product; it’s about experiencing how it can revolutionize research methodologies.

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Ready to Transform Your Research with Fibion SENS Started Package?

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