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ActiGraph CentrePoint


The ActiGraph CentrePoint software suite plays a crucial role in managing and analyzing data collected from various ActiGraph devices. This article provides an overview of the CentrePoint software’s pricing and licensing, offering insights crucial for potential buyers and users in the medical and research fields. The aim is to deliver information that will assist in budgetary and logistical planning. It is important to note that prices may vary and exact prices are not publicly available.

Overview of ActiGraph CentrePoint Software and Costs

ActiGraph’s CentrePoint software is designed to facilitate remote monitoring and data management, providing tools for researchers and clinicians to collect and interpret health data effectively. The software supports various applications, including patient monitoring, clinical trials, and physical activity research.

The cost for the CentrePoint software subscription has in some years ago been around US$ 3,500 per year in the U.S.

Several sources indicate that Actigraph has increased software and hardware prices considerably for 2024 at least in some geographical locations. In addition licensing models have been changed and it is possible that the minimum subscription time has been increased and it is not possible to get the single-year license.

ActiGraph Software Licensing

CentrePoint software is offered under a subscription model, which necessitates annual payments to be able to use the software. The licensing structure is said to be designed to accommodate the needs of different sizes of research teams and projects, with options ranging from individual researcher licenses to enterprise-level packages. Each subscription includes access to:

  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Extensive data analysis tools
  • Secure data storage and backup solutions
  • Ongoing customer support and software updates


Understanding the cost and capabilities of ActiGraph’s CentrePoint software is vital for those involved in health research and patient monitoring. This guide provides a foundational overview of what potential users can expect in terms of financial investment and software functionality.

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