Collect self-report data easily and cost-effectively

New tool for researchers to collect self-report data easily and cost-effectively. Easy-to-use app and cloud dashboard for results and data export

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Easy logging of physical activity type, duration, and how it felt

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Cloud dashboard to see group level results in a glance

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Research data

Export research data from the cloud for further analysis

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miMove App

This is used by young people to log their physical activity. It is easy to use and takes just a few seconds to record activity type, duration, setting and how it felt.

In addition, young people can reflect on their activity and even upload a photo to capture the experience.

miMove Dashboard

Dashboard provides powerful live data on participants’ physical activity and allows to see at-a-glance, headline activity data.

Data can be viewed and analysed easily for different cohorts e.g age groups, participant sub-groups, gender.

The one -way messaging feature enables easy and convenient communication with participants.

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Research data

Data from web-based dashboard can be easily exported as .csv file, which can be opened basically with any data analysis software for further analysis.

Self-report data can be also combined with device-based measurement to get accurate physical activity intensity and energy expenditure, combined with activity type, context and emotions related to each activity type.

Cost-effective and scalable way to collect physical activity data easily

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Get data from thousands of participants with minimal costs.

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Device free data collection is easy to scale to larger participant groups.

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Get data also on context of physical activity that accelerometers cannot provide.


Get data also on emotions related to different physical activity types and contexts.

Phd arto pesas, chief scientific officer of fbi.

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