A screenshot of a SOMNOmedics webpage featuring the SOMNOtouch RESP device for polygraphy, displaying its interface with various sensor readings. The background is white with a blue and grey header, guiding users through its features and functionality.

Guide to SOMNOtouch RESP Pricing

Introduction The SOMNOtouch RESP is a sophisticated sleep diagnostic system known for its compact size and extensive data collection capabilities. This article will detail the starting prices for various configurations of the SOMNOtouch RESP, and explore commonly used accessories that...

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A Somté PSG amplifier and recorder for sleep studies, displaying information on its small screen, set against a plain background with the company's website interface visible.

Guide to Somté PSG Pricing

Introduction Somté PSG is a versatile polysomnography system designed for both home and clinical sleep...

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Free resource: How to Measure Sedentary Behaviour and Physical Activity?

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Comparison sheet of various activity tracker features and pricing displayed in a spreadsheet.

Free accelerometers Comparison Sheet

We put together a comprehensive comparison table of the features, specifications and pricing of different accelerometers so you don’t have to. Please provide your email and we send you access link to the file: