Activity tracking designed for children

Accurate data and engaging polar bear feedback for children

Why Fibion Kids?

Fibion Kids makes running a project with kids child’s play!

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Data collection as easy as it
can be!

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Validated data of sedentary behaviour, physical activity and energy expenditure.


Fibion SENS provides also
raw xyz-data


System designed for researchers and professionals working with children.

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Engaging feedback options that
kids love.



Scientifically validated

Fibion is the only research device that has been validated to track accurately sitting, standing, physical activity types and energy expenditure. The tracked physical activity types are slow walking, brisk walking, cycling, and high-intensity activity.

Intensity Classification

Fibion has also been shown to be valid categorizing physical activity into light (LPA), moderate (MPA), and vigorous (VPA) intensity physical activity.


Remote control and data

With Fibion SENS solution devices can be controlled remotely from the innovative cloud platform. Data is also being received continuously.

Feedback Reports

Fibion Kids provides automatically produced reports with WHO recommendations.


Animation Feedback

We all know kids love animations. Fibion Polar Bear provides engaging feedback and provides tips how kids could be more active.

xyz raw acceleration data

Fibion SENS also provides triaxial acceleration data, so it is possible to use 3rd party algorithms to analyse data. This also makes it possible to harmonise data for large meta-analyses.


Device options

We are adding new features to Fibion Kids all the time

Phd arto pesas, chief scientific officer of fbi.

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