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This is Fibion.

The Professional Sitting and Activity Analysis.

Fibion is scientifically validated device that collects information about physical activity.

The Professional Sitting and Activity Analysis.

Fibion is the first physical activity analysis product targeted from the beginning for health and fitness professionals. It is accurate and easy to use in connection with professional consultation meetings. Take a look on demo report here.

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A line icon of a person sitting in a chair.


The most accurate sitting measurement on the market.
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The most accurate standing measurement on the market.
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Activity types

Don´t miss a second of the cycling or work-out routine.
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Energy expenditure

The energy expenditure estimate you can trust.
A blue icon of a person in a wheelchair.

Long sitting periods

Decrease the ability to stabilize blood glucose levels.
An icon of a person standing on a clock.

Long standing periods

Low back pain development starts after 30 minuts of static standing.
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The most current sitting, standing and exercise recommendations.
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Visual reporting

Interactive online report of pdf for individuals or groups.
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Sitting health risk points

A complete understanding of the sitting risk profile.
An icon of a person walking in a circle.

Exercise health benefit points

Physical exercise is the best investment for your health.
A blue and white icon of a balance scale.

Activity balance

Combined effects of sitting and exercise on your calculated health risk profile.
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Interactive goal-setting

Test how reducing sitting or adding exercise would affect your health points.

Personalised Coaching

See professional sitting and activity analysis in action.

Online Coaching

Check the video, how to distance coach for better sitting and physical activity habits.

Indispensable Tool

Fibion for Certified Personal Trainers, Weight Loss Coaches, or Wellness Consultants. 

Different Level of Accuracy

See how Fibion can differentiate light-, moderate-, and vigorous-intensity physical activities accurately like no other activity tracker.

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