Revolutionizing Sleep Research
Measure Sleep with Unprecedented Ease
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Revolutionizing Sleep Research
Multi-Signal Measurements with Unprecedented Ease
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Sleep Apnea Detection
Measure Sleep Apnea with Unprecedented Ease
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Vital Signs Wearable
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Empowering Remote Experiments
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Compact sensor measuring motion, ECG, respiration, airflow, oximetry, temperature and sound pressure. 

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App for Participants

A streamlined app for visualizing and relaying data with real-time feedback.

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Cloud portal

A robust cloud platform for aggregating, analyzing, reporting, and securely storing data.

Features Tailored for Research

fibion vitals

Advanced Monitoring

  • Comfortable Chest Strap
  • Wireless Connectivity 
  • Pulse Oximetry from Finger Tip
  • Airflow with Nasal Cannula
  • Integrated Electrodes
  • Respiration with Bioimpedance
  • 72 hours Operation Time 

Precision in Every Detail

  • Intuitive Smart Phone App
  • Real-Time HRV Analysis
  • Sleep and Activity Parameters
  • Sleep Apnea Detection
  • Cough and Snoring Detection (Acoustic and Chest Movement)

Smart Management

  • Unified Research Dashboard
  • Secure Sleep Data Cloud
  • Physical Activity Insights
  • Remote Research Control
  • Comprehensive Reports

Remote Sleep Monitoring

Comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly platform tailored for modern health research.

Learn more about Fibion Vitals

fibion vitals

Data Collection

Harness the power of Fibion Vitals to gather intricate sleep and circadian rhythm data. With its advanced sensors and seamless integration, it offers a holistic data collection experience tailored for in-depth sleep research.

Real-Time Analysis

Unlock immediate insights from the collected data. Fibion Vitals ensures that every nuance of sleep patterns, disruptions, and cycles is captured, and ready for in-depth analysis.

fibion vitals
fibion vitals

Participant Engagement

Keep research participants engaged with intuitive feedback, real-time sleep insights, and a user-friendly interface. Compatible with both iOS and Android, Fibion Vitals ensures participants are informed and involved throughout the study.

Secure Storage

Rest assured with top-tier data security. Fibion Vitals adheres to GDPR-compliant practices, ensuring all sleep data is securely stored within the European Union, providing researchers with utmost confidence in data integrity.

A man conducting physical activity research sits at a desk, gazing at a computer screen showing Fibion SENS cloud.
fibion vitals

Comprehensive Reporting

Transform data into actionable insights with detailed reports. Fibion Vitals’ robust reporting tools allow researchers to delve deep, share findings, and collaborate effectively, pushing the boundaries of sleep and circadian rhythm research.


Integrate with existing systems to streamline research data collection and analysis.

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