Fibion Student Lab

Promote active learning with our easy-to-use toolkit to measure physical activity and sleep.

What is included in the Fibion Student Lab?


Easy-to-use tri-axial accelerometer sensors that can be placed on the thigh, back or wrist.

Cloud & Algorithms

Automatic data transfer to secure cloud for hassle free remote data collection.

Step-by-step guide

Receive all needed training material to ensure that your students do their assignments with little assistance.

Fibion Sleep

Wrist-worn device for continuous 24-hour sleep-wake-activity data collection in real-world environments. With the raw tri-axial data, your students have endless options for data collection, using available algorithms or creating their own.


Fibion Circadian

Back-worn device for accurate and easy measurement of circadian sleep-wake-activity cycles. With the raw tri-axial data, your students have endless options for data collection, using available algorithms or creating their own.


Fibion Sitting and Activity Analysis

Collect sitting and physical activity data and use the automatically generated reports. The optimal solution for those who do not want to be bothered with data analysis.


.Hands-on Learning

With the Fibion Student Lab your students can:

Convenient for lecturers and students

More engaging teaching with less hassle

Easy to start

1. Give the sensors to your students
2. Provide the account credentials
3. Ready to start data collection

Validated measurements

The sensors included in the Fibion Student Lab are used by research groups worldwide with publications in top-tier journals.

Automatic data upload

Getting research data has never been this easy. Any smart device with Fibion App will draw data on all nearby sensors securely to the cloud service.

Remote control

Your students can start and stop measurements remotely with a tap of a finger. The cloud platform is accessible from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Access data everywhere

Students can access the data anywhere how measurements are progressing, check quickly that everything is correct in data, and even start analysing the data when participants still have the devices. The new level of convenience.

All options open

Fibion records raw triaxial acceleration data, so your students can test their own algorithms or use any open-source algorithms developed by the scientific community to generate meaningful, reliable measures.

Promote active learning in your lectures and
student assignments

Dynamize your lectures with the Fibion Student Lab


Research shows that active learning increases student performance when compared to passive learning. With very little assistance, your students will be able to perform data collection and signal analysis using research-based physical activity monitoring devices.


The sensors are ready to use allowing your students to immediately start the data collection. Hands-on teaching was never this easy.


Yearly License. Would you like an extra service, such as a guest lecture or mentoring from a Fibion team member? Drop us a message and we will customize a package for you.

Active learning: Why and How?

Listen to a short explanation on the why and how of including hands-on teaching of physical activity measurement in your study programme.

No Time to Read? Listen.

No time to read about what the Student Lab is and how it can help you in your teaching? Listen to our podcast episode covering most details of this package we compiled to make the teaching of physical behaviour measurement more engaging.

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