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A person holds a smartphone displaying a health app with icons for heart rate, steps, and fibion reports on the screen.

Individual Data

Empower individuals to monitor their progress towards physical goals with visual data insights.

A laptop screen displaying a vibrant Fibion energy report chart with various blue bars, viewed at an angle in an office setting.

Research Studies

Easily generate comprehensive reports for participants with just one click and quickly share them.

Health Professionals

Assist health professionals in coaching and consultation with Fibion Reports.

Reports for Every Occasion

Woman using a digital tablet with colorful reports on the screen, a smartphone and a glass of iced coffee beside her on a wooden table outdoors.

Interactive Online Reports

Interactive reports can be accesses with any browser and provide easy-to-understand visualizations and explanations of sedentary and physical beahviors.

Mobile Optimized Report

Reports work also on any iOS or Android mobile devices and can be accessed with just clicking the link.

A smiling woman wearing glasses holds out a smartphone displaying the Fibion fitness app, focusing the screen towards the viewer.
A healthcare professional holding a tablet displaying medical reports and apps, standing in a clinical setting.

Comprehensive PDF Reports

Detailed PDF reports provide results and explanation of result, so researchers don’t need to spend precious time explaining the results to participants. 


Goal Setting Tool

Allows participants to set goals for next measurements and explore potential health impacts based on behavioral changes.

A computer screen displays a colorful graphic of stick figures and Fibion reports, placed on a desk with a coffee cup, notebook, and glasses.
Woman analyzing statistical reports on a computer screen, with charts and graphs displayed, in a home office setting.

Comparison Report

Enables the generation of reports that compare data between pre- and post measurements giving understanding to participants how set goals were achieved.

Group Reports

Simplifies the creation of reports for multiple participants, enhancing data analysis in group settings.

Three researchers in casual attire sit at a table, smiling, with a laptop displaying a colorful chart on the screen in front of them. Their focus appears to be on SEO strategies as they discuss insights from their Fibion data.
A young student smiles while holding a tablet displaying science educational content in a classroom, showing deep engagement.

Reports for Children

Specifically designed for kids, these reports are engaging and easy to understand.

Innovative Reports

“I think the individual day element of the Activity Watch Report is really powerful – I’ve scared myself by seeing how much time I’m sitting across the day” – Dr. Stuart Fairclough, Professor

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