Enhancing Research and Presentations with Fibion’s Group Report Tool

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1. Introduction

Fibion has a Report Manager tool that makes it easier to create group reports from Fibion data. This tool is useful for researchers and health and fitness professionals looking at different groups of people.

Tool allows for easy transformation of raw data into comprehensive and stylish group reports, allowing them to focus on analysis rather than data management.

2. Overview of Fibion Group Report Tool

The Fibion Group Report Tool is designed to streamline the creation of detailed reports from data on sedentary behavior and physical activity. It features an easy-to-use interface accessible at https://fibion.com/rm.

This functionality allows for quick access and management of previous reports linked to a user’s email. Selecting and generating new group reports is straightforward, enabling users to choose which reports to include for graphical summaries that reflect average group data. This method demonstrates Fibion’s commitment to improving research methods in the study of physical activity and sedentary behavior.

3. Key Features of the Group Report Tool

Report Collection and Management

  • The tool gathers all report history linked to a specific user email. This makes it easy to access and manage previous analyses.

Selection and Generation Process

  • Users can select individual reports to be included in the group report. The tool then generates graphical reports summarizing the collective data.

Data Aggregation

  • It averages the results of the selected reports, providing a clear overview of group trends.

4. Benefits of Using the Fibion Report Manager


Simplifies Data Compilation

  • The tool makes it easy to compile and analyze data from multiple reports, saving time and effort.

Customizable Reports

  • Users can tailor the group report to include specific data points relevant to their research or presentation needs.

Enhances Presentation Quality

  • The graphical nature of the reports improves comprehension and engagement during presentations.

Facilitates Comparative Analysis

  • Researchers and practitioners can easily compare data across different groups, aiding in the identification of significant trends and patterns.

“Fibion’s Group Report Tool transforms data into visually appealing and informative group reports.”

5. Practical Applications of the Report Manager

fibion report- group reports

Research Studies

  • The tool enables researchers to efficiently compare data across study groups or populations. It simplifies the process of calculating outcome variables, allowing for faster analysis and interpretation of results. This is particularly useful in studies focusing on sedentary behavior and physical activity, where timely data analysis is critical.

Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Companies can utilize the tool to assess and compare the effectiveness of wellness initiatives across different departments. By creating group reports, wellness coordinators can identify, for example, which departments are most active and which may need additional support or resources to improve employee health and productivity.

“The group reports from Fibion have been really great in our corporate wellness and physical activity coaching.”

– Sini Lindqvist, Fibion Activity Coach

Activity Coaching Groups

  • For coaches working with groups focused on increasing physical activity, the tool offers a quick way to generate reports for each group. This can help in tracking progress, setting goals, and providing targeted feedback based on the aggregated data from group activities.

Educational Workshops

  • In educational settings, the tool can be used to demonstrate the impact of sedentary behavior on health. By creating reports from data collected in classroom activities or school-wide health initiatives, educators can visually present findings to students, enhancing learning and engagement.

Public Health Campaigns

  • Public health organizations can benefit from using the tool to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of community-wide health campaigns. By generating reports from data collected before and after the campaign, organizers can quantify changes in physical activity levels or sedentary behaviors, informing future public health strategies.

6. Getting Started with the Group Report Tool

  1. Visit the website: Navigate to https://fibion.com/rm to access the Group Report Tool.
  2. Provide Your Email: Enter the email address associated with your previous reports.
  3. Receive and Enter Security Code: A security code will be sent to your email. Enter this code on the website to proceed.
  4. Access the Report Manager: Upon entering the code, you’ll gain access to the Report Manager, displaying all reports linked to your email.
  5. Select Reports: Choose the reports you want to include in the group report by selecting them on the left panel.
  6. Create Group Report: Click the “Create Group Report” button. After a few seconds, your report will be ready for review and use.


The Fibion Group Report Tool streamlines the process of data compilation and analysis. This tool not only saves valuable time but also enhances the quality of presentations and insights derived from sedentary behavior and physical activity data. Its user-friendly interface and efficient data management capabilities make it an indispensable resource for researchers, corporate wellness coordinators, and physical activity coaches alike.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Fibion’s Group Report Tool and its purpose in research? +

Fibion’s Group Report Tool streamlines the creation of detailed reports from data on sedentary behavior and physical activity, enhancing the efficiency of research analysis and presentations.

How does the Group Report Tool simplify data analysis for researchers? +

The tool enables easy access and management of report history, selection of individual reports, and generation of graphical summaries, streamlining the process of compiling and analyzing data.

What are the key features of the Fibion Group Report Tool? +

Key features include report collection and management, a straightforward selection and generation process, and data aggregation for clear overviews of group trends.

What benefits does the Group Report Tool offer to users? +

Benefits include simplifying data compilation, customizable reports, enhanced presentation quality, and facilitating comparative analysis across different groups.

How can one get started with using the Group Report Tool? +

To use the tool, visit Fibion’s website, provide your email, receive a security code, access the Report Manager, select reports, and create a group report.

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