Fibion Insight
Comprehensive Study Platform
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Fibion Insight
Adaptable Study Platform
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Fibion Insight
Customizable Data Collection Hub
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Fibion Insight
Comprehensive Study Platform
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Fibion Insight
Comprehensive Study Platform
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Versatile Research Ecosystem, Tailored for Your Needs


Data collection, coaching & communication on iOS/Android


Possibility for wearable integration with event-triggered surveys.


Central research hub with efficient analysis and GDPR security.

Proven Excellence

Successfully deployed in several studies in the healthcare and wellbeing context.

Comprehensive Features for Modern Studies

Customized Data Collection

  • Customized Surveys
  • Diverse Question Types
  • Push Notifications 
  • Wearable Sensor Integration
  • Triggered questions (time or event)
  • Inform participants via platform

Versatile User

  • Conversational Virtual Coach
  • Send Motivational Messages
  • Challenges & Achievements
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Feedback Visualizations
  • Goal Setting

Flexibility &

  • Modular Design
  • Module Customization
  • Web Portal for Professionals
  • Third-party Device Integration
  • GDPR Compliant
  • App for Android & iOS

Discover More About Fibion Insight

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Data Collection

Seamlessly gather diverse data using wearable integration, customized surveys, and third-party device support. The platform’s flexibility ensures a comprehensive data collection process tailored to your study’s specific needs.

Real-Time Analysis

Instantly process, analyze, and interpret data for actionable insights. With the Fibion Insight, you can delve deep into the nuances of your research, ensuring every data point is utilized effectively.

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Participant Engagement

Engage study participants with timely notifications, personalized feedback, and an interactive virtual coach. The platform’s user-friendly interface on both iOS and Android ensures participants remain active and engaged throughout the study.

Secure Storage

Ensure all data is stored securely with GDPR-compliant practices. The Fibion Insight prioritizes data security, ensuring all information is housed safely within the European Union, giving researchers peace of mind.


Comprehensive Reporting

Generate detailed reports for in-depth study analysis, publication, and collaboration. With streamlined data management tools, researchers can easily share, interpret, and act on their findings.

Innovative Health Solutions

Comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly platform tailored for modern health research.


Could Fibion Insight empower your project?

Fibion Insight is a product developed by Roessingh Research and Development.

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