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In the rapidly evolving landscape of clinical research, the quest for innovative tools that can accurately capture and analyze a wide array of health-related data has never been more critical. Among the plethora of devices available to researchers, Fibion SENS emerges as a beacon of precision, versatility, and user-friendliness, setting a new standard for data collection in clinical trials.


Clinical trials are the cornerstone of medical advancement, providing the essential data needed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of new treatments and interventions. In this intricate process, the accuracy and reliability of collected data play a pivotal role in determining the success of a trial. Fibion SENS, with its cutting-edge technology and design, is uniquely positioned to meet the complex demands of modern clinical research. It offers a comprehensive solution for capturing high-fidelity digital endpoints across various health indicators, from physical activity and sedentary behavior to sleep patterns and physiological responses.

“In the quest for precision and reliability, Fibion SENS stands out as an indispensable tool in the arsenal of clinical researchers.”

Utilizing a medically approved Stick-and-Play patch technology, Fibion SENS ensures unparalleled participant compliance, a critical factor in the validity of trial outcomes. Its extended measurement duration and standby time allow for long-term monitoring without the need for frequent device maintenance, making it an ideal choice for studies of varying lengths and complexities.

Moreover, the device’s ability to be worn on different body sites offers researchers the flexibility to tailor data collection strategies to their specific study needs, capturing everything from tremor frequencies in Parkinson’s patients to the subtleties of circadian rhythm disturbances.

Through its real-time data access, robust data management, and compliance with regulatory standards, Fibion SENS not only enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials but also paves the way for groundbreaking discoveries that can transform patient care.

In embracing Fibion SENS for clinical research, investigators are equipped with a tool that transcends traditional limitations, enabling a deeper, more nuanced understanding of health and disease.

Unmatched Advantages of Fibion SENS in Clinical Trials

Reason 1: Extended Measurement Duration and Standby Time

3 Fibion SENS Devices

Fibion SENS sets itself apart with its exceptional 22 weeks measurement time and impressive 2 years stand-by time. This feature is crucial for longitudinal studies where continuous data collection over extended periods is required. By reducing the need for frequent device maintenance or participant interaction, Fibion SENS ensures that comprehensive data sets are collected with minimal disruption to the participant’s daily life, enhancing the study’s overall quality and reliability.

Reason 2: Medically Approved Stick-and-Play Patch Technology

Fibion SENS accelerometer attached with a patch to person's thigh

The Fibion SENS utilizes medically approved Stick-and-Play patch technology, ensuring it can be easily and securely attached to the patient. This technology is pivotal for maintaining high participant compliance rates, a frequently encountered challenge in clinical trials. The non-invasive nature of the patch allows for continuous data collection without discomfort, ensuring the integrity and consistency of the data gathered.

“Ease of use and patient comfort with the Stick-and-Play technology significantly enhances study compliance and data reliability.”

Reason 3: Precise and Versatile Data Collection

Fibion SENS’s advanced accelerometer technology captures high-fidelity data across a multitude of health indicators. Its versatility allows it to be placed on various body sites — from the wrist to the thigh — making it an invaluable tool for monitoring a wide range of clinical conditions. Whether assessing physical activity levels, sleep quality, or specific physiological responses, Fibion SENS provides precise measurements that are crucial for understanding complex health outcomes.

“The versatility and precision of Fibion SENS in capturing comprehensive health data make it unparalleled in clinical research.”

Reason 4: Real-Time Data Access for Immediate Insights

The ability to access data in real-time is a game-changer for clinical trials. Fibion SENS offers researchers the capability to monitor clinical endpoints as they occur, facilitating timely decision-making and intervention. This immediate insight into participant data ensures that researchers can respond quickly to any anomalies, enhancing the trial’s responsiveness and the accuracy of the findings.

By addressing some of the most pressing challenges in clinical research with its innovative design and capabilities, Fibion SENS is proving to be an indispensable tool in the field. Its contribution to enhancing the quality and efficiency of clinical trials is immeasurable, paving the way for advancements in medical research and patient care.

Reason 5: Robust Data Management and Analysis

Fibion SENS’s sophisticated data management platform revolutionizes the handling of complex datasets in clinical trials. It simplifies the process of organizing, analyzing, and interpreting vast amounts of data, enabling researchers to focus on deriving meaningful insights. This comprehensive analysis capability is vital for trials that depend on the detailed examination of digital endpoints to assess treatment efficacy and patient outcomes.

Reason 6: Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Hotspot Upload Feature of Fibion SENS Shown in Medical Clinic

One of the most critical aspects of clinical research is ensuring the security and privacy of patient data. Fibion SENS meets this need with fully encrypted data transmission, from the sensor to the smartphone app and from the app to the cloud. This encryption process ensures that all data collected fulfills the stringent requirements of GDPR regulations. Moreover, Fibion SENS is accompanied by thorough documentation, providing researchers with the necessary resources to navigate the complexities of data protection laws effectively.

“Fibion SENS’s commitment to data security and regulatory compliance makes it a trusted tool in the sensitive environment of clinical trials.”

Reason 7: Future-Proof and Adaptable Data Collection

The landscape of clinical research is continually evolving, with new methodologies and analytical techniques regularly introduced. Fibion SENS is designed to be future-proof, offering researchers the flexibility to adapt their data collection strategies as new needs arise. This adaptability ensures that the device remains a valuable asset for clinical trials, regardless of changing research landscapes or emerging scientific inquiries.

Reason 8: Unparalleled Support from Clinical Research Experts

A unique advantage of choosing Fibion SENS for clinical trials is the access to a team of experts skilled in the nuances of clinical research. This support extends beyond technical assistance to include guidance on best practices for trial design, execution, and data analysis. The availability of expert consultation ensures that research teams can maximize the utility of Fibion SENS, enhancing the quality and impact of their clinical trials.

By combining innovative technology, stringent security measures, and expert support, Fibion SENS stands out as the premier choice for researchers seeking to advance clinical trials with accurate, secure, and comprehensive digital endpoint data.

Expanding the Horizons of Clinical Research with Fibion SENS

The integration of Fibion SENS into clinical trials represents more than just an advancement in data collection technology; it signifies a paradigm shift in how clinical research is conducted and how patient health is monitored and understood. The device’s cutting-edge capabilities extend the boundaries of what’s possible in clinical trials, offering a pathway to more nuanced insights and a deeper understanding of therapeutic interventions.

Broadening the Scope of Digital Endpoints

Fibion SENS enables the capture of a wide range of digital endpoints, from physical activity and sleep patterns to physiological tremors and mobility metrics. This breadth of data collection opens new avenues for research, allowing trials to investigate multiple aspects of patient health with a single, versatile tool. The ability to monitor diverse health indicators in real-time provides a richer, more comprehensive picture of a treatment’s impact, enhancing the trial’s overall value to clinical research.

Enhancing Patient-Centric Research

The non-intrusive nature and ease of use of Fibion SENS place patient comfort and compliance at the forefront of clinical trials. By prioritizing the participant experience, the device ensures that high-quality data is collected with minimal burden on individuals, making research more patient-centric. This approach not only improves data reliability but also aligns with ethical considerations, fostering a more humane and respectful research environment.

Facilitating Real-World Evidence Generation

The robust data captured by Fibion SENS is instrumental in generating real-world evidence (RWE), crucial for regulatory approval processes and the development of clinical guidelines. The device’s precision and adaptability make it an invaluable tool for collecting real-world data (RWD) that accurately reflects patient experiences and treatment outcomes. This evidence base supports the creation of more effective, patient-focused therapeutic interventions.

Streamlining Clinical Trial Operations

With Fibion SENS, the complexities of clinical trial operations are significantly reduced. The device’s automated data transmission and sophisticated data management system streamline workflows, allowing research teams to focus on analysis and interpretation. This efficiency not only accelerates the trial timeline but also reduces operational costs, making high-quality clinical research more accessible and feasible.

Advancing Medical Knowledge and Patient Care

Ultimately, the application of Fibion SENS in clinical trials contributes to the advancement of medical knowledge and the improvement of patient care. By providing a clearer, more detailed understanding of how treatments affect patient health, Fibion SENS helps researchers and clinicians develop more effective strategies for disease management and prevention, paving the way for innovations that can transform patient outcomes.

In conclusion, Fibion SENS is not just a tool but a catalyst for change in clinical research, offering the potential to enhance study outcomes, streamline trial processes, and improve patient lives. Its role in expanding the horizons of clinical research underscores the device’s importance in the ongoing quest to understand and improve human health.


Fibion SENS stands at the forefront of clinical research technology, offering unparalleled advantages for clinical trials. Its medically approved Stick-and-Play patch technology, extended measurement duration, precision in data collection across various body sites, and compliance with stringent regulatory standards set it apart as an essential tool for modern clinical research. Through its use, researchers can achieve higher compliance rates, collect a broad spectrum of real-world data, and generate robust real-world evidence, all of which are critical for advancing medical science and improving patient outcomes.

The real-world applications of Fibion SENS across different clinical trials underscore its versatility and effectiveness in capturing digital endpoints that are vital for assessing the efficacy and safety of medical interventions. As clinical research continues to evolve, Fibion SENS’s role in enabling researchers to collect, manage, and analyze health data more efficiently and accurately will only grow, making it an indispensable asset in the quest to enhance human health.

By providing a comprehensive solution that addresses the multifaceted challenges of clinical trials, Fibion SENS not only streamlines research processes but also opens new avenues for exploring and understanding the complex interactions between lifestyle factors and health outcomes. Its impact on clinical research is a testament to the power of innovative technology to drive medical advancements and improve patient care.

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Frequently asked questions:

How does Fibion SENS improve participant compliance in clinical trials? +

Fibion SENS uses medically approved Stick-and-Play patch technology to ensure easy and secure attachment, enhancing participant compliance through its non-invasive and comfortable design.

What sets Fibion SENS apart in terms of measurement duration and reliability? +

With its extended measurement duration and exceptional standby time, Fibion SENS reduces the need for frequent device maintenance, supporting long-term, uninterrupted data collection in clinical trials.

Can Fibion SENS be used to collect data on various health indicators? +

Yes, Fibion SENS is equipped with advanced accelerometer technology for versatile data collection across multiple health indicators, including physical activity, sleep quality, and specific physiological responses.

How does real-time data access benefit clinical trials using Fibion SENS? +

Real-time data access allows researchers to monitor clinical endpoints as they occur, facilitating immediate insights and enabling timely decisions and interventions within trials.

What role does Fibion SENS play in ensuring data security and regulatory compliance? +

Fibion SENS ensures data security and regulatory compliance through encrypted data transmission and compliance with GDPR, supporting the sensitive nature of clinical trial data.

How does Fibion SENS adapt to the evolving needs of clinical research? +

Fibion SENS is designed to be future-proof, offering flexibility to adapt data collection strategies as clinical research evolves, ensuring long-term relevance and utility.

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