Comparing SENS Motion and Fibion SENS: A Focus on Research Applications

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This article examines the differences between SENS Motion, developed by SENS Innovation, and Fibion SENS. It aims to highlight the collaborative effort between SENS Innovation’s engineering expertise and our research-focused enhancements that have resulted in Fibion SENS, a tool designed to meet the specific needs of sedentary behavior, physical activity, and sleep researchers.

SENS Innovation specializes in engineering, with a strong foundation in developing hardware and cloud-based platforms. In our collaboration, Fibion’s research team brings a deep understanding of the scientific community’s requirements, contributing to the development of Fibion SENS by integrating features that specifically benefit research applications.

“Fibion SENS combines SENS Innovation’s engineering prowess with Fibion’s research experience and insights.”

The partnership effectively combines SENS Innovation’s technical skills with our academic and practical research insights. This collaborative approach has led to the enhancement of the original SENS Motion platform, introducing Fibion SENS as an option that incorporates additional functionalities tailored to the research sector.

The objective of this comparison is to clearly present the additional features Fibion SENS and SENS Motion platform (that Fibion SENS is built on). We will discuss the specific advantages and added functionalities of Fibion SENS, aiming to provide researchers with the necessary information to make an informed choice for their study tools.

1. Pricing Structure: Fibion SENS vs. SENS Motion

It’s essential to highlight that SENS Innovation and Fibion have established a globally unified pricing. This ensures that the costs associated with the sensor, access to the cloud platform, and the medical patches are the same, whether acquired from SENS Innovation or via Fibion.

Key Points on Pricing:

  • Global Pricing Consistency: Equal pricing for the sensor, cloud platform, and medical patch, irrespective of the purchasing channel.

2. Exclusive Advantages with Fibion SENS

Choosing Fibion SENS offers researchers a suite of exclusive benefits that significantly enhance the utility and effectiveness of the research tools:

  • Extended and Improved Platform: Fibion SENS users gain access to an expanded platform that includes advanced reporting tools and analytics not available through SENS Innovation’s base offering.
  • Expert Support: Fibion provides unparalleled expert support, ensuring that researchers have access to knowledgeable professionals who understand the nuances of sedentary behavior, physical activity, and sleep research.
  • Tailored to Researchers: The enhancements and support system are specifically designed with the needs of researchers in mind, focusing on making their work as efficient and impactful as possible.
  • Dedicated Support: The availability of expert guidance and the ability to directly engage with specialists via video calls set Fibion SENS apart, ensuring that users have the support they need to overcome challenges and optimize their research efforts.
Olli Tikkanen and Arto pesola

2.1 Advanced Reporting Tools: Simplifying Research Communication

The cornerstone of effective research is not only gathering precise data but also communicating findings clearly and efficiently. Fibion SENS addresses this need with its advanced reporting tools, designed to streamline the process of data analysis and dissemination. These tools are pivotal in transforming raw data into actionable insights, enabling researchers to convey complex information in an accessible manner.

Key Features of Fibion SENS Reporting Tools

  • Advanced Reporting Tools: Enhanced reporting capabilities for in-depth, user-friendly analysis.
  • Interactive Online Reports: Allows users to explore data through an interactive web interface, facilitating a dynamic examination of study findings.
  • PDF Report Generation: Provides comprehensive PDF reports that detail study outcomes, including explanations of sedentary behavior’s health implications, in a format that is easy for participants to understand.

“Fibion SENS: Elevating research clarity with advanced reporting tools, transforming data into insights for impactful communication and participant engagement.”

These reporting tools are complemented by a focus on participant feedback, a crucial aspect of maintaining engagement and satisfaction within research studies. Fibion SENS makes it easier for researchers to provide valuable feedback to participants, enhancing the overall research experience.

Simplifying Participant Feedback

The ability to efficiently provide participants with understandable and insightful feedback is a game-changer in research,” reflects a core member of the Fibion team. This sentiment underscores the importance of feedback in research, highlighting how Fibion SENS has been designed to address this need directly.

Fibion SENS simplifies the feedback process by:

  • Facilitating Easy Sharing: Researchers can share interactive reports and PDFs with participants with just a link, accessible on any device.
  • Enhancing Understanding: The reports are designed not only for academic use but also to enhance participants’ comprehension of their own data and the broader implications for their health.

The design and functionality of Fibion SENS’s reporting tools embody the mission of “better research with less hassle.” By providing these advanced yet user-friendly tools, Fibion SENS assists researchers in overcoming common barriers to effective communication and participant engagement, furthering the impact of their work.

2.2 Group Reports: Enhancing Research Collaboration and Analysis in Fibion SENS

Fibion report Manager Group_Reports_Selecting_Reports

Fibion SENS group reports facilitate the creation of visual group analyses for collaborative health behavior research by providing:

  • Efficient Data Aggregation: Automatically compiles data across participants, enabling quick trend spotting and comparative analysis.
  • Interactive Access: Allows for straightforward data exploration and analysis via any web browser.
  • Easy Sharing: Simplifies the distribution among team members and stakeholders for collaborative review.
  • Visual Reports: Supports the generation of detailed PDF visual reports suitable for presentation or publication purposes.

Key Benefit

  • Streamlined Visual Data Analysis: Enhances the ability to visually interpret collective behaviors, improving research productivity and insight clarity.

By focusing on simplicity, clear visual insights, and effective communication, Fibion SENS group reports help improve the analysis and sharing of collective data findings, aligning with the goal of facilitating more manageable research processes.

2.3 Integrating Behavior Change Tools: Streamlining Intervention Studies

Fibion SENS enriches sedentary behavior, physical activity, and sleep research by integrating behavior change tools, simplifying the implementation and measurement of interventions. These tools enhance study design and participant interaction by offering:

  • Goal Setting: Facilitates participant engagement by allowing goal setting and tracking.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Delivers personalized feedback based on participant activity, promoting behavior change.

These features aim to boost participant engagement and adherence, providing more accurate data collection and enabling real-time adjustments to interventions for increased study effectiveness. Fibion SENS’s behavior change tools are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring ease of use without extensive technical knowledge.

By incorporating these tools, Fibion SENS not only supports the practical aspects of research but also significantly enhances the effectiveness and impact of health behavior studies.

“Fibion SENS enhances research with behavior change tools, boosting participant engagement and enabling real-time data analysis for dynamic, impactful studies.”

2.4 Fibion Insight Platform Integration: Enhancing Real-Time Research Engagement

fibion insight

A groundbreaking aspect of the Fibion SENS system is its integration with the Fibion Insight Platform, an advanced tool for conducting questionnaire surveys. This integration significantly enriches research capabilities by facilitating direct and contextual engagement with participants through a sophisticated, app-based interface.

Overview of the Fibion Insight Platform

The Fibion Insight Platform stands out for its:

  • Comprehensive Backend for Researchers: Enables the creation and management of customized questionnaires tailored to the specific needs of each study.
  • Participant-Friendly Mobile Apps: With dedicated apps for Android and iOS, participants receive and respond to questionnaires directly on their smartphones, enhancing convenience and response rates.
  • Scheduled Push Notifications: Questionnaires can be programmed to appear at specific times, ensuring timely and relevant data collection.

“Fibion SENS & Insight Platform: Revolutionizing participant engagement with tailored questionnaires and mobile app convenience, for precise, timely research data collection.”

Advanced Integration Features

The seamless integration between Fibion SENS and the Fibion Insight Platform introduces the capability for activity- and data-triggered questionnaires:

  • Contextual Data Collection: By setting triggers based on participant activity (e.g., 30 minutes of sedentary behavior or a period of walking), researchers can prompt timely questions that add valuable context to the physical data being collected. Examples include asking about the participant’s current activity, environment, or emotional state.
  • Enhanced Participant Engagement: This method not only provides researchers with richer, context-specific data but also engages participants in a more interactive and meaningful way, potentially improving study compliance and the quality of self-reported data.

Opening New Research Applications

The integration opens up novel applications for research by:

  • Adding Depth to Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Studies: The ability to correlate physical data with self-reported context and emotions offers a more nuanced understanding of behaviors and their triggers.
  • Facilitating Real-Time Interventions: Beyond data collection, this feature can be used to deliver real-time interventions, such as encouraging movement after prolonged sedentary periods or reinforcing positive behaviors.

2.5 Innovations in Sensor Attachment: Enhancing Participant Comfort and Compliance

A key factor in the success of research involving physical activity, sedentary behavior, and sleep studies is the ease with which participants can incorporate sensors into their daily lives. At Fibion SENS, we understand that participant comfort and compliance are paramount, which drives our ongoing innovation in sensor attachment methods.

“Fibion SENS: Prioritizing participant comfort with versatile sensor attachments, ensuring seamless integration into daily life for accurate physical activity and sleep research.”

Diverse Attachment Options

Recognizing the diverse needs and preferences of participants, Fibion SENS offers a variety of sensor attachment methods:

  • Medical Patch: For those who prefer a discreet and secure option, our medical-grade patch allows the sensor to be adhered directly to the skin, minimizing discomfort and interference with daily activities.
  • Wrist Strap: Combining convenience with style, the wrist strap option enables participants to wear the sensor like a watch. This not only ensures comfort but also enhances the likelihood of continuous wear.
  • Thigh Strap: The tie strap option provides flexibility for participants to attach the sensor to different parts of the body or clothing, catering to various study requirements and personal preferences.

2.6 Continuous Innovation: Shaping the Future of Fibion SENS

As we’ve explored the numerous advantages and unique features of the Fibion SENS platform throughout this article, it’s important to recognize that these benefits represent only the current state of our offerings. At Fibion, we are deeply committed to the principle of continuous improvement, driven by the invaluable feedback we receive from our community of researchers.

Listening and Evolving

Our dedication to enhancing Fibion SENS is rooted in our active engagement with the research community. Key points of our commitment include:

  • Valuing Feedback: We consider feedback from researchers to be essential. It guides our development process, ensuring that Fibion SENS not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of our users.
  • Ongoing Improvements: Our team is relentlessly focused on refining and expanding the capabilities of Fibion SENS. Whether it’s enhancing existing features or introducing new ones, our goal is to provide researchers with the most advanced tools available.

Join Us on This Journey

We invite researchers to join us in this ongoing journey of improvement and innovation. Your insights, experiences, and feedback are invaluable as we strive to make Fibion SENS an even more powerful tool for the research community. Together, we can push the boundaries of what’s possible in research, contributing to meaningful advancements in health and wellness.

3. Conclusion: A Tool Aligned with Researcher Needs

The comparison between SENS Motion and Fibion SENS highlights Fibion SENS’s advancements in research on sedentary behavior, physical activity, and sleep. This collaboration merges SENS Innovation’s engineering with research-driven features from Fibion SENS, creating a tool that exceeds the research community’s expectations. Fibion SENS stands out for its comprehensive benefits, offering advanced analytics, expert support, and customizable assistance with the same pricing.

Why Choose Fibion SENS:

  • Streamlines research, improving data collection and participant engagement.
  • Continuously innovates to meet the evolving needs of researchers.
  • Combines technical innovation with practical insight for better research outcomes.

Fibion SENS is the go-to solution for researchers aiming for efficient, impactful studies with a focus on user-friendly execution and meaningful results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Fibion SENS different from SENS Motion? +

Fibion SENS is enhanced with additional functionalities tailored for research on sedentary behavior, physical activity, and sleep, offering advanced reporting tools, expert support, and integration with the Fibion Insight Platform.

Is there a cost difference between choosing SENS Motion and Fibion SENS? +

No, the cost for the sensor, cloud platform, and medical patch remains the same, but Fibion SENS provides more value and support at no additional cost.

What exclusive benefits does choosing Fibion SENS offer? +

Fibion SENS offers access to an expanded platform with advanced analytics, expert support, and tailored assistance through video calls, all designed to enhance the research process.

How does Fibion SENS enhance participant engagement? +

Through innovative sensor attachment methods, behavior change tools, and the ability to provide detailed feedback to participants, making the research experience more interactive and productive.

Can Fibion SENS support real-time interventions in research studies? +

Yes, the integration with the Fibion Insight Platform allows for activity- and data-triggered questionnaires, enabling researchers to conduct real-time interventions based on specific behaviors or conditions.

What commitment does Fibion SENS have towards continuous innovation? +

Fibion SENS is committed to continuous improvement, driven by feedback from the research community, to meet the evolving needs of researchers and remain at the forefront of research technology.

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