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With the recent discontinuation of Philips Actiwatch, researchers in sleep and activity studies face a new challenge: finding a reliable alternative for their data collection needs. Philips Actiwatch, renowned for its accuracy and dependability, has been a fundamental tool in numerous scientific investigations. Its withdrawal from the market not only marks a significant change but also highlights the necessity for innovative solutions in the evolving landscape of wearable technology.

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In response, Fibion presents a range of advanced alternatives, including Fibion Sleep (Wrist-Worn Fibion SENS), Fibion Vitals, and Fibion Emfit. These products offer enhanced capabilities, ensuring that researchers have access to the most up-to-date technology for their studies. Fibion’s solutions are designed to not just replace the Actiwatch but to provide superior functionality and insights, setting a new standard in the field of sleep and activity research.

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Fibion’s Solutions Overview

Fibion steps into the forefront with its innovative solutions, offering Fibion Sleep (Wrist-Worn Fibion SENS), Fibion Vitals, and Fibion Emfit to the research community. Each product is engineered with precision to cater to the nuanced demands of sleep and activity research.

Fibion Sleep (Wrist-Worn Fibion SENS) is designed for comfort and accuracy, offering detailed sleep metrics and activity data. Its user-friendly nature ensures high compliance and reliable data collection over extended periods.

Fibion Emfit – the unobtrusive way to monitor sleep

Fibion Vitals takes vital signs monitoring to the next level with its multi-signal measurements. It provides comprehensive data on heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory rate, and other vital signs, making it invaluable for a wide range of research applications.

Fibion Emfit specializes in advanced sleep monitoring through its non-intrusive bed sensor technology. It offers detailed insights into sleep stages, heart rate, and breathing patterns, surpassing traditional methods in both ease of use and data depth.

Advantages of Choosing Fibion

Choosing Fibion brings a multitude of benefits to researchers. The real-time analysis feature enables immediate access to data, facilitating dynamic research designs and on-the-go adjustments. Comprehensive reporting tools transform complex datasets into accessible insights, enhancing the research process’s efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, the seamless integration with existing research systems through SDK and API support simplifies data management and extends the capabilities of research projects.

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Fibion’s commitment to research and innovation is evident in its continuous development of cutting-edge technology and the expert support provided to the research community. This dedication ensures that researchers equipped with Fibion products are always at the forefront of scientific discovery, backed by the latest technological advancements and a team of experts ready to assist in achieving research goals.


Fibion’s innovative solutions mark a pivotal advancement in wearable technology for sleep and activity research. Offering unparalleled accuracy, detailed analysis, and seamless data integration, Fibion products not only fill the gap left by the discontinuation of Philips Actiwatch but also propel research into new realms of possibility. With these tools, the scientific community is well-equipped to explore deeper insights and achieve groundbreaking discoveries in their fields.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why was Philips Actiwatch discontinued? +

Philips Actiwatch was discontinued as part of Philips’ strategic decision to focus on other areas within their healthcare and technology portfolio, leaving a gap in reliable sleep and activity monitoring tools.

What alternatives does Fibion offer for Actiwatch users? +

Fibion offers advanced alternatives, including Fibion Sleep (Wrist-Worn Fibion SENS), Fibion Vitals, and Fibion Emfit, providing enhanced capabilities and insights for sleep and activity research.

How do Fibion’s solutions improve upon the Philips Actiwatch? +

Fibion’s solutions offer superior functionality, real-time analysis, comprehensive reporting tools, and seamless integration with existing systems, setting a new standard in wearable technology for research.

What are the benefits of using Fibion for sleep and activity research? +

Researchers benefit from Fibion’s accurate data collection, dynamic research design capabilities, efficient data management, and expert support, enhancing the scope and effectiveness of their studies.

How can researchers integrate Fibion’s products into their existing systems? +

Fibion provides SDK and API support for easy integration with existing research systems, simplifying data management and extending project capabilities without disrupting current workflows.

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