Philips Actiwatch Pricing Guide: Understanding Your Options After Discontinuation

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The Philips Actiwatch, a tool previously used in research for monitoring sleep and physical activity, is no longer available. This situation prompts a closer look at other devices that can serve similar research needs. The focus now shifts towards identifying and evaluating alternative monitoring tools that can provide reliable data on human behavior and physiological states.

The discontinuation of the Actiwatch highlights the necessity for the research community to adapt and explore new technologies to ensure the continuation of valuable insights into the patterns of sleep and activity. This transition is an important step in maintaining the momentum of research in understanding how daily activities influence health.

Philips Actiwatch.

Philips Actiwatch Pricing Overview

Before being discontinued, the Philips Actiwatch series was available in several models, each designed to meet specific research needs. Here’s a look at the pricing for these models:

  • ActiWatch Spectrum PLUS Startup system: Priced at $900, which included:
    • 1 AW Spectrum PLUS device
    • 1 Actiware site license
    • 1 Wrist band kit
    • 1 Charging/communication cable
  • ActiWatch 2 Startup system: Available for $750, with components such as:
    • 1 AW 2 device
    • 1 Actiware site license
    • 1 Wrist band kit
    • 1 Charging/communication cable

These prices reflect the options that were available to researchers, providing a range of tools tailored to various study requirements. With the Actiwatch series no longer being manufactured, the focus shifts to identifying new, reliable alternatives that can support the evolving needs of scientific research.

The shift away from Philips Actiwatch necessitates a search for new solutions that ensure the continuation and enhancement of research endeavors. The goal now is to find devices that not only match the Actiwatch’s capabilities but also introduce new features and technologies to advance the field of actigraphy.

Introducing Fibion’s Solutions

With the discontinuation of Philips Actiwatch, Fibion steps in to fill the void with a suite of alternative products designed to meet and exceed the requirements of modern research. These innovative solutions include Fibion Sleep (Wrist-Worn Fibion SENS), Fibion Vitals, and Fibion Emfit, each offering unique advantages for both current and future research projects.

fibion vitals for sleep measurements
  • Fibion Sleep (Wrist-Worn Fibion SENS) is tailored for sleep studies, providing a detailed analysis of sleep patterns and quality with the comfort and convenience of a wrist-worn device.
  • Fibion Vitals offers comprehensive monitoring of vital signs, capturing a wide array of physiological data essential for health and activity research.
  • Fibion Emfit specializes in advanced sleep monitoring from within the sleeping environment, enabling non-intrusive data collection on sleep stages, heart rate, and more.

These alternatives not only aim to replace the functionality lost with the Actiwatch but also to enhance research capabilities through the incorporation of cutting-edge technology and design.

Advantages of Fibion Products

Choosing Fibion products brings a host of benefits to researchers, notably:

  • Cloud-Enabled Insights: Fibion’s cloud platform allows for easy storage, analysis, and access to your data from anywhere. This removes the need for physical storage and provides the flexibility of cloud computing for a smoother research process.
  • Remote Research Control: Manage your studies remotely by adjusting settings, updating software, and solving issues without direct contact with the devices. This feature facilitates research across different locations or with hard-to-reach populations, making your study more accessible and manageable.
  • Advanced Data Analysis: Fibion provides Real-Time HRV Analysis and detailed sleep and activity metrics, offering thorough and immediate data analysis. This enables you to adjust your research approach as needed to ensure accurate results.
  • User-Friendly Participant Interface: Our app provides real-time feedback to participants, ensuring higher engagement and compliance. Designed for both iOS and Android, the app keeps participants informed and motivated throughout their participation.
  • Easy Integration with Health Systems: Fibion’s SDK and API capabilities allow for smooth integration with existing health systems, streamlining data collection and analysis as part of your overall research framework.
  • Data Security and Compliance: Adhering to GDPR standards, Fibion ensures the security and integrity of your data. Our dedication to ethical practices means your research meets the highest data protection requirements, giving you confidence in the security of your studies.
A woman is sleeping in bed with a cloud in the background.

Fibion’s dedication to innovation, combined with its comprehensive support system, ensures that researchers have the tools and assistance they need to push the boundaries of what’s possible in their fields. With Fibion, the future of research is in capable hands, ready to explore new horizons in sleep and activity studies.


The discontinuation of Philips Actiwatch marks a significant turning point for researchers in sleep and activity studies. As the community moves beyond this staple tool, Fibion presents itself as a beacon of innovation, offering a range of solutions tailored to the evolving needs of scientific exploration. With products like Fibion Sleep, Fibion Vitals, and Fibion Emfit, Fibion not only fills the gap left by Actiwatch but also enhances research capabilities with advanced technology and comprehensive support. Fibion’s offerings stand as a testament to the potential for growth and advancement in research methodologies, ensuring that the quest for knowledge continues unabated, backed by the best tools available.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why was Philips Actiwatch discontinued? +

Philips Actiwatch was discontinued as part of Philips’ strategic shift in focus, prompting researchers to seek out advanced alternatives for their sleep and activity studies.

What are the available alternatives to Philips Actiwatch? +

Fibion offers a suite of products including Fibion Sleep (Wrist-Worn Fibion SENS), Fibion Vitals, and Fibion Emfit as innovative alternatives to Philips Actiwatch.

What benefits do Fibion products offer over Philips Actiwatch? +

Fibion products provide enhanced capabilities such as real-time analysis, seamless research system integration, and superior data collection technologies, advancing sleep and activity research.

How can researchers integrate Fibion’s solutions into their current projects? +

Fibion’s products are designed for easy integration into existing research frameworks, offering SDK and API support to streamline data management and analysis processes.

Where can researchers find more information about Fibion’s products? +

Researchers can visit Fibion’s official website or contact their support team for detailed information about product features, integration capabilities, and support services.

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