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Fibion Sleep

Objective, reliable in-home sleep assessment with the world’s most advanced cloud-based accelerometer system.

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Fibion Circadian

Accurate and easy measurement of circadian sleep-wake-activity cycles with a back-worn accelerometer.

Fibion Emfit Bed Sensor

Contact-free sleep analyzer with heart rate variability, heart and breathing rates, sleep quality, and ballistocardiography waveform.

Fibion Sleep

Fibion’s innovative cloud-based actigraphy monitoring system delivers 24-hour, real-world information about sleep/wake behavior, circadian rhythms, and daytime physical activity.

With its industry-leading 22 weeks measurement time with the initial charge Fibion Sleep opens up totally new possibilities for research designs and clinical use.

Fibion Sleep records raw tri-axial acceleration, so you can choose the algorithm that best fits your needs and participant group. Full access to “future-proof” raw sensor data means that data can be analysed indefinitely, and new and more sophisticated sleep algorithms and analysis techniques can be applied to data as they emerge.

Fibion Circadian

Fibion Circadian consists of a tiny sensor that is attached to the middle of the back with a custom-made patch. The sensor automatically sends data about the citizen’s activity to an online portal.

The sensor measures the body’s position and movement minute by minute, around the clock. The collected data is stored and analyzed in our online portal, where professionals can see when the citizen is lying, standing/walking, restless or relaxed.

Our circadian rhythm schedule can be used as a supplement to or replacement for your normal restlessness schedules and to assess the citizen’s general well-being. Furthermore, you can use it as a basis for any new decisions of care measures.

A woman wearing a sensor patch on her back, with data on her daily activities: 1.8 hours laying down, 5.2 hours restless, 1.5 hours walking, and 8.7 hours sitting.
A person sleeps in a bed with a blanket. Overlaying graphics display health metrics: breathing rate 12 BPM, heart rate 52 BPM, heart rate variability 853 ms, movements 0.0, and sleep stage REM.

Fibion Emfit Bed Sensor

Contact-free ballistocardiography for effortless measurement of sleep parameters in home environments. The system provides scientifically validated sleep duration, sleep stages (nREM and REM), movements during sleep, heart rate variability and breathing.

Researchers can easily get all result variables and raw ballistocardiographic signal through cloud service for further analysis. Get higher adherence and more detailed research data with Fibion Emfit!

Replace subjective sleep assessment tools with continuous, objective 24-hour sleep/wake/activity data collected from the participants' home.

We have a solution for your sleep measurment needs

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Sensors designed for effortless data collection are at the core of all Fibion products.

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Automatic data transfer to secure cloud for hassle-free remote data collection.

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Reports / Exports

Easy to interpret results for participants and scientifically validated raw data for researchers.

Get unique 24-h data of sleep and activity behaviour by combining wearable with bed sensor data.

Fibion - World Leading Wearables and Nearables for Sleep Assesment

How to choose the best option?

Sensor placement
Lower back
Under the mattress
Lying/sitting detection
Sleep-awake cycles
Automatic data transmission
24-hour physical activity
Raw XYZ data
Smart cloud
Phd arto pesas, chief scientific officer of fbi.

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