Best Alternatives to ActiGraph in 2024: Top Advanced Accelerometers for Physical Activity Research

Best Alternatives to ActiGraph in 2024: Top Advanced Accelerometers for Physical Activity Research

ActiGraph has been a significant player in accelerometer-based monitoring of physical activity, but 2024 brings forward new, innovative alternatives. We delve into the top four alternatives to ActiGraph, each equipped with distinct features catering to various aspects of physical activity research.

1. Fibion SENS: Leading the Way in Accelerometer Convenience

Two Fibion SENS Motion Wearable Sensors on a Table next to iPhone X

Fibion SENS has redefined the approach to raw accelerometer measurements, offering a blend of user-friendliness and advanced technology.


  • Modern Cloud Capabilities & Remote Control
  • Incredible 22-Week Measurement Time and up to 2 years in stand-by mode
  • Full remote control of measurement
  • Tiny and Sleek, Fully Waterproof with a Practically Medically Approved Patch


  • Limited to Three-Axis Acceleration Measurement
  • Non-Rechargeable Battery

2. ActivPAL: Thigh-Worn Precision for Sedentary Analysis

activpal 2

ActivPAL has carved a niche as a thigh-worn accelerometer, excelling in accurately tracking sedentary behavior.


  • Precise Sedentary Behavior Monitoring
  • Extensively Validated in Diverse Studies
  • Compact and Small-Sized Sensor


  • Not Fully Waterproof
  • Outdated Software Interface

3. Axivity: Customizable Research Tool for In-Depth Analysis

Axivity is the go-to device for researchers needing customizable and detailed activity monitoring.


  • Flexible Sampling Frequencies and Parameter Settings
  • Accurate Raw Data Acquisition
  • Versatile Body Placement with Various Algorithm Support


  • Complexity in Usability
  • Not Easy Attachment Methods to the Skin
  • Not Fully Waterproof
  • No Cloud Functionality

4. Fibion Research: Simplifying Data Analysis in Physical Activity Research

fibion device

Fibion Research simplifies the accelerometer experience, making it accessible for all user levels.


  • Automatic Data Analysis with Engaging Participant Reports
  • Thigh-Worn Device with Sophisticated, Activity-Specific Energy Expenditure Algorithms
  • Extremely Researcher Friendly, Browser-Based Operation


  • Does Not Record Raw Triaxial Acceleration

Each alternative to ActiGraph offers unique attributes, from ease of use and comprehensive data analysis to specific functionalities tailored for diverse physical activity research needs. Your project’s requirements will determine which device is the ideal match for your research in 2024.

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