Best Alternatives to ActivPAL in 2024: Leading Accelerometers for In-Depth Physical Activity Research


ActivPAL has been a significant player in physical activity research, but several advanced alternatives are gaining attention. This article reviews the top contenders.

1. Fibion SENS: A New Standard in Accelerometer Technology

Fibion SENS excels in its combination of cutting-edge features and user convenience.


  • Advanced Cloud Capabilities & Remote Control, Easing Data Collection and Handling
  • Exceptional 22-Week Measurement Time with Initial Charge, Ideal for Extended Studies
  • Tiny, Sleek Design that’s Unnoticeable and Convenient with a Medically Approved Patch


  • Non-Rechargeable Battery

2. Axivity: The Researcher’s Choice for Customization

axivity 1

Axivity stands out for its versatility and customizable settings, catering to specialized research needs.


  • Selectable Sampling Frequencies and Adjustable Parameters for Tailored Measurement
  • Accurate Raw Data Measurements
  • Versatile Wearability on Different Body Parts


  • Complex to Use for Beginners
  • No Easy Attachment Method
  • No Cloud Capabilities

3. Fibion Research: Simplifying Research with Automated Insights

fibion device

Fibion Research is a top pick for those seeking an effortless, yet insightful research experience.


  • Extremely User-Friendly, No Need for Specialized Knowledge or Software
  • Thigh-Worn Device with Advanced Energy Expenditure Algorithms
  • Automated Data Analysis with Interactive Participant Reports


  • Does Not Record Raw Tri-axial Acceleration

4. Actigraph: The Reliable Classic

actigraph 2

Actigraph remains a popular choice for its proven reliability and diverse study applications.


  • Sleek, Stylish Design
  • Proven Track Record in Various Studies
  • Durable and Reliable


  • Primarily Designed for Wrist-Wearing, Less Convenient for Other Positions


Each of these alternatives to ActivPAL presents unique advantages and potential limitations, making them suitable for various types of physical activity research. Whether your focus is on ease of use, data customization, or specific measurement types, one of these devices could enhance your research capabilities in 2024.

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Axivity Disclaimer:

“The mention of Axivity in this article serves an informational purpose and should not be interpreted as an endorsement or affiliation. Axivity is a product owned by Axivity Ltd. We are independent of Axivity Ltd, and the use of the Acivity name in this article is solely for describing the product’s attributes and uses in a research context. Axivity is a registered trademark of Axivity Ltd.”

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