Guide to Condor ActTrust 2 Pricing (Cost of Actigraphy Watch)

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The Condor ActTrust 2 Actigraphy Kit provides researchers and healthcare professionals with a reliable tool for measuring physical activity, sleep patterns, and circadian rhythms. This guide offers insights into Condor ActTrust 2 pricing, accessories and software crucial for preliminary decision-making. Note that detailed pricing is not publicly available and might vary geographically.

Condor ActTrust 2 Pricing & Specifications


Designed for precision and ease of use, the Condor ActTrust 2 is optimized for long-term monitoring, providing high-quality data on physical activity and sleep without intruding considerably on the participant’s daily life.

The Condor ActTrust 2 Actigraphy Device is estimated to be priced at USD 600-750. This price includes the actigraphy device and necessary accessories, such as the charger, to ensure immediate readiness for data collection.


The ActTrust 2 boasts advanced features tailored for effective and reliable data collection:

  • Accelerometer: Integrates a high-resolution sensor to accurately capture movement in multiple dimensions.
  • Memory Capacity: Features sufficient memory for up to 3 months of data capture, allowing for extensive monitoring periods without the need for data offloading.
  • Battery Life: Engineered to operate for up to 3 months on a single charge, ensuring continuous data collection without interruption.
  • Water Resistance: Crafted to be resilient in various environmental conditions, enhancing its versatility across different research settings.
  • Software Integration: The ActTrust 2 is complemented by ActStudio, a dedicated software platform for data analysis. Though pricing for ActStudio is not specified here, it plays an essential role in interpreting the data collected by the device. ActStudio is specifically developed to enhance the ActTrust 2’s functionality, providing an intuitive interface for thorough data management and in-depth analysis, ensuring users can efficiently extract valuable insights from their data.
Screenshot of actstudio software interface on a computer, showcasing data analysis features for sleep medicine research.

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