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The Zmachine Synergy is a specialized device designed for sleep studies, particularly focused on polysomnography (PSG) and electroencephalography (EEG) analysis. This article offers an overview of the pricing for the Zmachine Synergy device along with detailed costs for its necessary accessories, which are crucial for sleep professionals and researchers. Note that detailed pricing may not be publicly available and might vary geographically.

Overview of Zmachine Synergy Device and Costs

The Zmachine Synergy is available in a range that caters to different professional needs and budgets, with prices varying from US$ 450 to US$ 1,299. The device integrates advanced technology for accurate sleep and brain activity analysis, making it a valuable tool for sleep study facilities.

Zmachine Synergy Accessories and Costs

To optimize the Zmachine Synergy’s functionality, a selection of accessories is available:

  • EEG Cable: A silicone jacket cable, 0.5m in length, essential for EEG signal transmission.
  • Oximeter Finger Probe: For measuring the blood oxygen saturation during sleep studies.
  • Effort Belt: An inductance-based belt to measure respiratory effort during sleep.
  • Effort Belt Cables (set): Cables used to connect the effort belt to the device.
  • Oximeter Belt Clip: To conveniently attach the oximeter probe to the patient’s belt.
  • USB Cable: A USB 2.0 high-speed cable for reliable data transfer at 480 Mbit/s.
  • Travel Case: To protect the device and accessories during transport.

Please note that specific prices for these accessories have not been provided. For precise cost details, customers are encouraged to contact the supplier directly.


The Zmachine Synergy offers an array of features for comprehensive sleep analysis. Knowledge of the device’s pricing and the associated costs of its accessories is invaluable for those in the sleep research and clinical fields. This guide is intended to assist potential buyers in understanding the financial aspects related to investing in the Zmachine Synergy system.

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