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Somté PSG is a versatile polysomnography system designed for both home and clinical sleep studies, offering detailed analysis capabilities. This article will review the pricing for the Somté PSG device and its range of accessories, delivering useful information for sleep professionals who are evaluating this system. Note that detailed pricing may not be publicly available and might vary geographically.

Overview of Somté PSG Device and Costs

The Somté PSG system is priced at US$ 7,900. It serves as a comprehensive tool for sleep technicians and clinicians, facilitating detailed sleep studies and analysis with high precision.

Somté PSG Accessories and Costs

The functionality of the Somté PSG system is enhanced by an array of essential accessories:

  • Starter Kit (including Disposable Adult Inductive Effort Belts): US$ 199.
  • Disposable Adult Inductive Effort Belts (20 Belts, 10 sets): US$ 325.
  • 58cm Yellow Interface Cable (for disposable inductive effort belts): US$ 89.
  • Compumedics Neuroscan Quick Cap 32 Ch Medium (54-62cm) Sintered – Unlinked Mastoids Requires EBA Connector: US$ 890.
  • Nonin 3 Meter Extension Cable: US$ 97.
  • SleepSense Thermocouple 1 Ch 1.5mm Conn: US$ 130.
  • Compumedics Adult Silicone Soft Tip Finger Probe-Oximeter-3m: US$ 210.
  • Nonin 1 Meter Extension Cable: US$ 45.
  • SleepMate Thermocouple Reusable 1.5mm Connector: US$ 130.
  • Compumedics Triple Thermistor 32″ V7 Touchproof 249 Plug – Orange (for Somte / SomtePSG): US$ 190.
  • SLP Infant Airflow Sensor 1 Channel 1.5mm Connector (Infant): US$ 220.
  • Compumedics Microphone – Tracheal: US$ 90.
  • CMP Reusable Nasal/Oral Airflow Sensor: US$ 173.
  • Compumedics Ag/AgCI Sintered Disposable Cup Electrodes (24/pkg): US$ 20.
  • Tape Cover Roll 2″ x 10 yards: US$ 17.
  • Yellow Grael Belt Cable: US$ 16.


The Somté PSG system, along with its extensive list of accessories, provides an end-to-end solution for conducting comprehensive sleep studies. By understanding the investment required for the Somté PSG and its components, healthcare providers can better prepare for the integration of this advanced system into their services.

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